World 63 Lvl 5
Size 3x4
Build Limit 2


“The Air Field constructs flying units for precision attacks. Deploy air units to take out key targets on your enemy’s base.”

The Air Field is the primary building which produces air units. A higher level Air Base is usually characteristic of high level players as the units though rewarding, are expensive.

Units available

Movement Speed Attack Range Attack Speed Priority Target Cp Count
Fast Medium Slow Defenses 3
Fast Low Medium Any 10

Air Field levels and traits

Level Hitpoints Build Cost (Oil) Build Time XP gained Power Used CC requirement Unit unlocked

Queue Limit (CP)

lvl 1 800 50,000 12hrs 2,880 20 4 Dragonfly 50
lvl 2 1,000 200,000 1d 5,760 40 6 Drone 70

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