Alliances are a new update of the game introduced in version 1.0.3. They serve an integral role as the main way through which the community can interact and engage with each other that is independent of the world chat. The main building associated with Alliances is the Alliance Center.

Alliances can perform different functions. They are listed below:

Furthermore, Alliances can recruit users, have websites, post a Message of the day, have a Leaderboard and have different ranks within them to facilitate their members.

Alliance Center


Players can join and create alliances without an alliance center, but they still require a level 3 Command Center .

However, in order to request troops and to speed up their construction, players must first have an Alliance center built.


Build Cost (Minerals) Build Time HP CC Requirement Power Used XP Gained Units Bonus Time Speedup Bonus
1 10,000 2m 1,500 3 50 4 5 15m
2 50,000 1hr 2,000 4 100 120 7 60m
3 200,000 12hrs 2,500 6 200 1,440 10 90m
4 500,000 2days 3,000 7 350 5,760 12 120m
5 1,000,000 3days 3,500 8 500 8,640 15 159m

Player Ranks and Titles in an Alliances

There are different Ranks and Titles within an Alliance. The player who starts off the alliance is known as the Alliance General. Alliance creations requites 10 fusion and a level 3 command center. Any players who have met the requirements can make their own alliance.

The general can promote players in the alliance. The ranks are mentioned below along with their requirements:

Rank Limit Requirements Privileges
General 1 Appointed All (War declaration, Kick, Promote, Demote, Recruit, Edit Flag, Edit Message of Day, Edit description, Disband)
Major 2 Appointed War declaration, Kick, Promote, Demote, Recruit, Edit Message of Day
Captain 10 Appointed Can Commandeer Outposts during War
Sergeant 50 100,000 War Poins none
Corporal 50 20,000 War Points none
Private 50 0 War Points none

Leaving an Alliance

Currently, 3 ranks are live - General, Major and Private. The General is the guy who makes the alliance. Anyone else who joins, joins as a Private. The General can promote a Private to a Major. There can only be 2 Majors in an alliance and no more. The Major has all the same powers as the General except for editing of the alliance description and flag. When a regular member (all ranks except general) clicks "leave", he simply leaves the alliance with a confirmation dialog. When a General clicks leave, he gets a dialog asking him to appoint the next General before leaving. The next General HAS to be chosen from one of the two Majors. If there are no Majors, he cannot leave the alliance because he has to appoint a General before leaving. In this case, he will have to promote someone to Major first and then leave and appoint that Major as the General. If the General is the last person in the alliance and he clicks leave, he is treated exactly the same as a regular member and simply leaves the alliance, which is then considered to be inactive/disbanded and will stop showing up in all lists.


Recommended alliances show alliances that:

  • are open,
  • have at least 10 or more open slots,
  • have average alliance medals near to the number of medals of the player.
Inactive alliances are alliances that have 0 members. They won't show up in the alliance search or anywhere else. They are basically empty shells.
The current limit of members in an Alliance is 50.