Cannon Tower
WorldImage 35
Size 3x3
Attack Range High
Attack Speed Low
Target Ground
Build Limit 4


“The cannon tower fires an explosive cannon that wreaks havoc on ground-based enemy units. Its slow rate of fire is compensated by its explosive splash area damage, reducing enemy units to dust instantly.”

The Cannon Tower is a tower with an area of effect (AoE) damage. It's useful against large number of troops and has a high splash damage, but it's weakness is it's slow attack speed.

levels and traits

Level Damage Hitpoints Build Cost (Minerals) Build Time XP gained Power Used CC requirement
lvl 1 40 800 5,000 12hrs 2,880 50 3
lvl 2 60 950 50,000 24hrs 5,760 100 4
lvl 3 80 1,100 400,000 3d 17,280 150 6
lvl 4 100 1,250 1,000,000 5d 28,800 200 8
lvl 5 120 1,400 2,000,000 7d 40,320 250 10

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