Demo Bot
Movement Speed Fast
Attack Range low
Attack Speed Medium
Priority Target Walls
CP count 2


“The demo bot is a suicide robot designed for a single purpose - destroying enemy barriers and walls!”

Unit Behavior and Usage

With the ability to destroy walls easily, it's useful for even the most strongest of walls and is a recommended unit for high level and low level players alike.The Demo Bot is a useful unit in order to take out enemy walls. If used in unison with Marines and Snipers, it allows the rest of your troops to focus on the towers and the important structures and not waste time on the walls.

Traits at different levels


RC Level Required

Upgrade Cost (Oil)

Upgrade Time

Training Cost (Oil)



Damage to Walls XP Gained
lvl 1 2 0 0 500 40 25 1,000 0
lvl 2 2 25,000 12 hrs 750 50 33 1,320 720
lvl 3 4 75,000 1 day 1,000 60 50 2,000 1,440
lvl 4 6 250,000 3 days 1,250 75 70 2,800 4,320
lvl 5 8 750,000 5 days 1,500 90 100 4,000 7,200

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