Movement Speed Fast
Attack Range Medium
Attack Speed Slow
Priority Target Defences
CP count 3


“The Dragonfly is a slow moving air unit designed to infiltrate the enemy base and focus on towers. They are deadly when used in numbers.”

Unit Behavior and Usage

Dragonflies are really effective when the enemy has no air defences, or when your ground troops take out the enemy's defenses. Dragonflies are impervious to fire from chainguns or cannons and for low to mid level players dragonflies can easily swarm and destroy the base, even in smaller quantities.

SAMs can easily destroy dragonflies so it's advisable that you use your ground units to take them out. Dragonflies are also vulnerable to Sniper towers.

Traits at different levels

Level RC

 Level Required

Upgrade Cost (Oil)

Upgrade Time

Training Cost (Oil)

HP Damage XP Gained
lvl 1 3 0 0 1000 150 20 0
lvl 2 3 75,000 12hrs 1250 225 40 1,440
lvl 3 5 250,000 1 day 1500 300 60 2,880
lvl 4 7 1,000,000 3 days 2000 400 80 8,640
lvl 5 9 2,000,000 5 days 2500 500 100 14,400

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