Fusion is the premium in-game War Inc. Currency. It can be purchased via the in-app store, earned through Contracts or acquired through the completion of Missions. It can be used for either the purchase of construction pods, for the speeding up of construction, or for the purchase of resources. Fusion can also be used to boost the production of Mineral and Oil , or to boost the production of your Troops .

Resource (Mineral/Oil) Fusion Cost
50 1
500 5
5,000 25
50,000 125
500,000 625
5,000,000 3,125

Build/ Upgrade time (minutes) Fusion Cost
1 1
60 15
1440 200
10,080 800

Resource Boost Cost (Fusion) 15
Resource Boost Time (Minutes) 360
Resource Boost Multiplier 2

Army Boost Cost (Fusion) 20
Army Boost TIme (Minutes) 60
Army Boost Multiplier 4

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