Movement Speed Fast
Attack Range Medium
Attack Speed Medium
Priority Target Defences
CP count 2


“The Mech is your key damage absorption unit. Our engineers have reinforced its thick armor with titanium to allow it to withstand large incoming damage. Use it to tank enemy towers!”

Unit Behavior and Usage

Mechs are a key component of any army. They are useful for destroying enemy defenses while the rest of your weaker units move in to destroy the vulnerable buildings. They can both dish out significant amounts of punishments and take it in return. They can be used at any player tier level, but for higher level players, it's advisable to use them in larger quantities.

Traits at different levels

Level RC

 Level Required

Upgrade Cost (Oil)

Upgrade Time

Training Cost (Oil)

HP Damage XP Gained
lvl 1 1 0 0 250 480 25 0
lvl 2 1 50,000 12hrs 500 600 35 720
lvl 3 3 150,000 1 day 750 720 45 1,440
lvl 4 5 750,000 3 days 1000 880 60 4,320
lvl 5 7 1,500,000 5 days 1250 1080 75 7,200

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