World 38 Lvl 1
Size 1x1
Build Limit 250


“Mines are invisible to attackers. Deploy them on your base at strategic locations to catch your enemy offguard."

Mines are an important defensive component. They are useful against bunches of unsuspecting enemy troops. Lure them to explosive destruction by the strategic placement of your mines. Mines get used up once they are triggered in a battle and need to be redeployed.


Level HP Build Cost (minerals) Build Time XP Gained Power Used CC level required Trigger Radius Blast Radius Damage
lvl 1 200 200 - - - 2 1.5 4 40

Production Stats

CC level Max Buildable
1 -
2 3
3 3
4 6
5 6
6 9
7 9
8 12
9 12
10 12

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