Movement Speed Fast
Attack Range High
Attack Speed Medium
Priority Target Any
CP count 4


“The Tank is a high range, high armor, weapon of destruction and is a key unit in breakingthrough a heavily defended enemy base.”

Unit Behavior and Usage

Tanks are strong damage dealers. With the ability fire over walls, they are capable of simply annihilating all enemy defences. Advisable for medium to high level players because of their cost, a small number of tanks can quickly overpower enemy defences and take over the enemy base.

Traits at different levels

Level RC

 Level Required

Upgrade Cost (Oil)

Upgrade Time

Training Cost (Oil)

HP Damage XP Gained
lvl 1 4 0 0 500 300 100 0
lvl 2 4 100,000 12hrs 1000 350 125 2,160
lvl 3 6 250,000 1 day 1500 400 150 4,320
lvl 4 8 1,000,000 3 days 2000 450 175 12,960
lvl 5 9 2,000,000 5 days 2500 500 200 21,600

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