Tesla Tower
WorldImage 36
Size 3x3
Attack Range Low
Attack Speed Medium
Target Ground and Air
Build Limit 3


“The tesla tower channels large amounts of energy from your base powerlines to fire an immense energy pulse at the enemy. The pulse annihilates ground units in an area by dealing massive damage. Make sure you have enough power to keep the tesla tower charged!”

The Tesla is an important source of destruction. The harbinger of electrical death, it can alternate between attacking simply ground troops, or both air and ground targets, although in that scenario it loses 50% of it's damage. It needs plenty of power, but it ensures a defense that keeps your precious resources intact

levels and traits

Level Damage Hitpoints Build Cost (Minerals) Build Time XP gained Power Used Power at Cap CC requirement
lvl 1 80 1,200 100,000 2d 14,400 0 1000 5
lvl 2 120 1,400 500,000 3d 21,600 0 2000 6
lvl 3 160 1,600 1,000,000 4d 28,800 0 3000 7
lvl 4 200 1,800 1,500,000 5d 36,000 0 4000 8
lvl 5 250 2,000 2,500,000 7d 50,400 0 5000 9

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