Movement Speed Medium
Attack Range Medium
Attack Speed Medium
Priority Target Any
CP count 20


“When you want to wreak mayhem, you deploy the Walker. With multilayered titanium armor, the Walker can take any beating while inflicting excessive damage on the enemy base.”

Unit Behavior and Usage

Walkers are the strongest land unit in the game. With huge amounts of HP, they can handle a lot of damage being thrown at them. They also possess the ability to fire over walls, but their high cost and command point requirement make them something only high level players can afford. 

Traits at different levels

Level RC

 Level Required

Upgrade Cost (Oil)

Upgrade Time

Training Cost (Oil)

HP Damage XP Gained
lvl 1 6 0 0 7,500 3,500 100 0
lvl 2 6 100,000 12hrs 10,000 3,750 150 2,880
lvl 3 8 300,000 1 day 13,000 4,000 200 5,760
lvl 4 9 1,250,000 3 days 16,000 4,250 250 17,280
lvl 5 10 2,500,000 5 days 20,000 4,500 300 28,800

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