War Factory
World 62 Lvl 5
Size 3x4
Build Limit 2


“The War Factory creates units that add massive fire power to your army as well as units capable of soaking immense amounts of damage. Upgrade your War Factory to really dish out some pain!”

The War Factory is the primary mechanized unit production building. It creates some of the strongest units in the game, and is an essential component of any mid to high tier base.

Units available

Movement Speed Attack Range Attack Speed Priority Target Cp Count
Fast Medium Medium Defenses 2
Fast Low Medium Resource Structures 1
Fast Medium Medium Any 2
Fast High Medium Any 5
Medium Medium Medium Any 20

War Factory levels and traits

Level Hitpoints Build Cost (Oil) Build Time XP gained Power Used CC Requirement Unit Unlocked Queue Limit (CP)
lvl 1 600 2500 1 hr 240 15 2 Mech 30
lvl 2 750 7500 2 hrs 480 30 3 Harvester 50
lvl 3 900 25,000 1 day 5,760 45 4 Humvee 75
lvl 4 1,050 100,000 2 days 11,520 60 5 Tank 100
lvl 5 1,200 400,000 3 days 17,280 75 7 Walker 125

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